Warhammer Fantasy at Ernie's Games

The Herd's War March

Week 1:

The Warherd’s lust for blood continues to ravage the Southern world as we know it. Multiple warbands lead by powerful Beastlords, Minotaurs and Bray Shaman seek to corrupt all that is good. Forces of Chaos spread westward against the Empire kingdom and eastward into the heartland of the Noble Brettonians. While the majority of the herd continues to spread fear and terror across the world without opposition, one Herd sought blood above all else. This Warband, the mightiest of all, encountered a force of Brettonian noble born and utterly gorged themselves. The fast flighted Lord of Brettonia on his Griffon was the only survivor who could escape the battle now know as The Rape of the First Born. Truly, the Brettonian Empire must be incontinent after hearing of such mighty exploits on the battle field. As winter closes in, the Herd is too enthralled in the bloodlust to be concerned about shelter and is subsequently weathering the winter months on the battlefield.

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